Canon has patented a camera similar to DJI’s Osmo Pocket camera at the leading brands of the camera industry. The design product in the patent offers the camera and gimbal in a single structure.

There are many gimbal models on the market nowadays for obtaining steady images and they are mostly sold separately from the camera. Some time ago, a device with both a gimbal and a camera was released, called Osmo Pocket, developed by DJI. The product attracted attention with its device structure that accommodates both gimbals and cameras for those who want a fixed image, instead of buying them separately.

Canon, one of the pioneers of the camera industry, has patented a camera with a similar function to Osmo Pocket. The most obvious difference between the design product shown in the patent and the Osmo Pocket is that the design product in the patent has a replaceable lens.

Designed based on vlog shots
Canon based this new design camera on users who shoot vlogs for video streaming platforms that grow with the developing internet or for their own library entirely. In a statement from Canon along with the patent: “A user wants to take advantage of different angles when shooting something in motion. The image acquisition apparatus in Patent Document 1 rotates the lens unit around an axis with respect to the main body to change the direction of the camera while the lens unit is makes it possible to invert the screen. ” statements took place.

According to the patent, the Canon camera, which can be used with one hand, has a camera system that can rotate vertically and horizontally. A larger screen than that of Osmo Pocket is also seen in the design. In addition, the design includes details such as a hot shoe and shutter button.

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Canon has obtained 5 different patents related to this design. The product in the design may never be presented to the user, but with the many patents and a statement Canon has made, we can think that this camera will enter our lives in the coming days.

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