The Japanese company places Monster Hunter World and its enormous expansion Iceborne as the main responsible for these great results.

The closing of the fiscal year has left us the results of some of the most important video game companies in the world, and another that has closed it successfully, as has been the custom lately, is Capcom. The Japanese publisher has managed to conclude this 2019/20 fiscal season with a record of net benefits –a 27´1% more, specifically- for the third consecutive year, and it has done so despite a notable decrease in income compared to last year, 18.4%.

According to Capcom, these excellent results are the cause, first, of the good performance of Monster Hunter World after the arrival of its great expansion, Iceborne, but it is worth not forgetting Resident Evil 2 or Devil May Cry V, which according to the company, have also followed showing “healthy sales”.

Thus, Capcom shows that after a few years, fortunately far away, of false steps, it is currently in a great moment, with its large franchises at the top. In addition to the aforementioned we have to talk about the much improved since its launch Street Fighter V, and Mega Man 11, which put the famous blue hero back on the map. In addition, just a few weeks ago we received what was another more than foreseeable success such as the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Future plans
But far from staying there, Capcom plans an expansion in Asia thanks to a more frequent distribution of its “renowned franchises”. Not only that, but he sees esports as “an integral part of the growth strategy of the future”. Under this strategy, Capcom would have among its plans to create an esports training academy, as well as significant investments in exclusively female leagues.

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“The company sees esports as an integral part of the future growth strategy and is working to consolidate its position in this expanding market with capital and investments in human resources,” says the financial report. “He plans to found the Esports Academy (tentative name) for the training of professional players, as well as establish regional teams and leagues for female players.”


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