Spanish programmer Mikel Camps Orteza got tired of the awkward site checks to test that the user is “human” and turned Captcha into a game of Doom.

Tired of constantly finding traffic lights and buses in pictures? Spanish developer Mikel Camps Ortez has a solution. A Captcha test in the form of a DOOM game.

The developer invites everyone to upload this new and fun Captcha test on its site. To prove that you are not a robot, you have to kill a certain number of monsters within a few seconds. Fortunately, the monsters don’t make it difficult by attacking the player. However, you have to cope with this task within a certain amount of time.

For those who are tired of the captcha tests

Website developers are able to determine the number of enemies that must be killed in order to pass through Captcha, change the display of the countdown, and turn on the music.

Interestingly, in this Captcha, like in the original game, the IDDQD cheat code works and allows you to pass the test without killing the monsters.


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