Cardano (ADA) is a presence in the bull rally by the end of 2020. Although it managed to rise to the $ 0.40 band in the first week of 2021, it found itself in a consolidated situation afterwards.

We see that the ADA consolidated situation, which also had the chance to test the support level of $ 0.33 after the decline, turned into an imbalance with an instant sharp decline and rise last week.

It is good to hold on to the support level, but for the ADA, it may not be correct to say that the uptrend will occur soon. RSI and MACD data can be considered as an indicator that the situation is not good. The MACD data is in the negative area and RSI data has moved below the neutral 50 during the day. Apart from this, in the SAR examination, it is seen that it has concentrated on the flow, especially in the last 24 hours. This deficiency in demand shows us that there is no explosion for the time being.

TRON (TRX), which cannot regain the rising momentum in November, cannot break its horizontal mobility. During the day, the asset, which could not break the strong resistance point against the $ 0.0321 level, declined and returned to the $ 0.0289 support. Besides testing the resistance level, different indicators say it may rise.

At the time of writing, the RSI data was moving towards neutral and the MACD data tended to shift to positive. Although there was a negative transaction in the Chaikin data during the day, the demand in general was in the increasing zone. This is a positive indicator for the increase.

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EOS has fallen to $ 2.54 for the first time in a while, losing almost 7% in the last 7 days. Although EOS performed well in the first two weeks of the year, it could not recover. As of the second week of this year, the asset that has a value problem can even be interpreted as entering the bear market.

To put it in more detail; For the asset, the 200-day moving average data given in the chart and the asset’s value should be considered. As seen in the chart, the 200-day average is showing some resistance for EOS. Overall, the EOS value is below the moving average and it is unlikely that there will be an explosion if there is no miracle soon.


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