Romain Pellerin, CTO of IOHK, the company behind Cardano, said Dogecoin is almost a joke and is definitely not the future technology for digital currencies. Details are in our news.

Speaking today in an interview with U.Today, Pellerin shared his thoughts on the current Dogecoin interest in the crypto community and commented on whether this token is promising.

Romain Pellerin said he believes DOGE is the coin of a certain generation: those who love irony and those who love memes (humorous internet posts). Therefore, Dogecoin itself is a kind of meme for him. However, he acknowledged that this might not be a very suitable technology for how digital currencies will function in the future.

He also reminded that Dogecoin is a project abandoned by its developers and cannot compete with solid cryptos in terms of quality or ambition. Pellerin thinks there are other, more relevant cryptocurrencies and projects to discuss.

“I’m a little concerned because everyone is talking about Dogecoin and nobody is talking about other, more relevant projects.”


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