The Cardano price, Cryptocurrency expert Lark Davis said will double in August.


Cardano has attracted attention with some of its great achievements.
The company behind Cardano is on a hiring frenzy.
Crypto expert Lark Davis said the Tweets that Users expect to appear after Cardano (ADA) smart contract launch in August. Lark Davis said he would double the price ahead of the event. However, Lark has caught the attention of many crypto enthusiasts.

Moreover, Cardano continues to be the center of attention as the team has achieved some great success. The firm behind Cardano is hiring more staff. They create new job postings just before the August launch of the Alonzo upgrade.

Therefore, this much anticipated update will add smart contract functionality to ADA. Tim Harrison, director of marketing and communications at IOHK, says the firm is on a hiring spree amid the growing interest in the smart contract platform.

Especially in early April, San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase tweeted about ADA. He said ADA is currently among the largest cryptos in terms of market capitalization.

Along with the tweet, Coinbase went into all the details about Cardano. It was stated that Cardano has a flexible design, is sustainable and is a much more scalable blockchain platform.

In addition, it’s not easy to talk about the biggest cryptos without including Cardano (ADA) at this point. To be specific, it is used to execute smart contracts, as part of ADA functionality. It also works as a gateway for building different types of DeFi applications. Not only that, but ADA, developers’ new crypto tokens, games, etc. Allows to create.

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