Cardano has long been making great efforts to develop and expand its ecosystem, and the community is focusing on bridging the gaps between the market’s altcoins.

There have been rumors that Cardano and Litecoin foundations have long been discussing possible cross-chain collaboration. According to a recent update by Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson, negotiations between the two began.

The interoperability factor between Cardano and Litecoin may have to go through many circles before they can become functional.

Dionysis Zindros, a blockchain researcher at the University of Athens, stated during the last update that a bridge between Cardano and Litecoin could be built by applying a velvet fork to Litecoin, so that the blockchain could adopt NIPoPoWs. The benefits of NIPoPoWs are that they don’t require too much for consensus or approval, and they don’t bring significant changes, according to Hoskinson.

However, it should be kept in mind that Cardano-Litecoin is not the only bridge overlooked. Recently, IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener was asked by community members about the possibility of building a bridge between IOTA and Cardano. In response, Schiener stated that he would contact Hoskinson.

Cardano is also trying to build a bridge with Ethereum through the new KEVM [K Ethereum Virtual Machine], which will open Cardano to ETH developers. It looks like Cardano isn’t just building new bridges. It is also repairing old ones as part of its expanding ecosystem.


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