Carl Pei, who left OnePlus and founded a new venture called Nothing, became a favorite of investors. The famous entrepreneur will launch a wireless headset in the near future.

Entrepreneur Carl Pei, who managed to move stones in the smartphone world with the OnePlus brand, recently announced that he left his company to set sail for a new adventure. The first product of Carl Pei, who founded a new venture called Nothing, was announced.

Nothing brand starts to operate
The first product of Carl Pei, who prefers to proceed in the same way with the Nothing initiative because he has more experience in the mobile device market, will be a full wireless headset. The famous name aims to establish an ecosystem that communicates with each other.

Google Ventures invested a total of $ 15 million in the London-based startup. So we can say that Google is following it. In addition, Twitch founder Kevin Lin and Reddit founder Steve Huffman are among the investors.

It is currently unknown what features Carl Pei will offer in a full wireless headset, but competition is very high in the full wireless headset class, which dominates 93 percent of the total wireless headset market. In this regard, Pei must develop an innovative perspective.


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