The case of Apple and Epic Games, which has signed one of the biggest events in the technology world, is finally over. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney shared a post about chicken on Twitter.

As you know, tension between Epic Games and Apple started last year and this tension was brought to court. The lawsuit, which has been going on for a while, has also ended in the past hours. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made an interesting post on Twitter.

Tim Sweeney shared a post about chicken on Twitter

The starting point of the case, as you know, was that Epic Games found 30% more share of Apple’s games on the App Store. The case has flared up in recent weeks and almost all confidential documents have begun to emerge. Many irrelevant documents came to light about the incident and we learned a lot of interesting information.

In the past hours, this case has ended. Only the court’s decision is now awaited. According to the report of EuroGamer, the case ended with the closing speech of both sides last night. Epic Games stated that the case will affect a much wider audience.

After the trial ended, Epic Games CEO shared a chicken restaurant on Twitter. Of course, although we are only making inferences, it is not difficult to understand what Sweeney is referring to. You can find the aforementioned post below. It is unknown when the case will be concluded.


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