Significant transformations are expected in the game industry from next year. The Casper Excalibur team focused on these new transformations that will take place.

Excalibur, Casper’s ambitious brand in the player equipment market, pays attention to follow the trends and plan its investments accordingly. The Excalibur team listed the game technologies and trends that will come to the fore in 2021.

Game technologies to stand out in 2021
There is a trend change in video games every ten years. According to experts, a new transformation will begin in the gaming industry in 2021. Signs of this showed themselves particularly clearly in 2020.

– It is estimated that the graphics in the virtual reality world will approach to be as realistic as the photo. Although there are still many ways, the realism of the tabletop games will be better, which will trigger the trend.

– Playing games on any compatible device via cloud servers is also among the trends of the new year. Giants such as Google, Microsoft and Nvidia have already taken the first steps of a tough competition.

The unexpected success of the Nintendo Switch console has sparked interest in handheld consoles. The era of graphics units integrated into the processor will pave the way for handheld consoles. More companies are expected to produce handheld consoles in the coming years.

On the virtual reality side, it is expected that games such as VRChat, where players can interact with each other, will increase and virtual game communities will gradually emerge.

On the other hand, gaming computers continue to develop. New generation processors, graphics cards, coolers and memory will take the gaming experience to the next level. You can check Casper’s related page to follow the game world closely and examine the new gaming computers.


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