Finally Mrs. Cate Blanchett, who appeared in the TV series in America and was busy with the shooting of Nightmare Alley by Guillermo del Toro before her production was stopped due to the epidemic, continues to determine her next projects without slowing down. Speaking that he will take part in Eli Roth’s new movie adapted from the Borderlands game last week, Blanchett will take part in the new projects of two important directors in the coming period.

According to Variety’s share, the successful actress is a signature away from starring in James Gray’s new project Armageddon Times and Adam McKay’s new movie Don’t Look Up. If we take a look at Blanchett’s future projects, which are considered to be involved in both projects, Don’t Look Up, prepared by Adam McKay under the umbrella of Netflix, which has achieved great success with The Big Short and Vice, is a satirical movie that takes it out of the press industry. The film, which McKay says will be in the tone of movies like Doctor Strangelove and Network, tells the story of two scientists who learned that a meteorite would destroy Earth in six months. The film focuses on these two astronomers who want to warn people against impending destruction to go on a press tour to announce the bad news.

Blanchett, who will share the lead role with Jennifer Lawrence in the event of signatures, seems to be working with an impressive cast in Adam McKay, who brought together rich cast members in his previous films. The film, which was planned to start shooting in April and catch up with the prize season, missed this chance due to the corona virus. Details of the film’s shooting plan have not yet been revealed.

Moving on to the next movie with a stake, James Gray’s new movie Armageddon Times, which recently signed Ad Astra, will have traces from the director’s life, and his viewers will go to New York in the 1980s, James Gray’s Kew-Forest in Queens. A production that will take you back to the years when he was a student at School.

In the film, in which the US president Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump will also appear as characters, in the film when Gray is studying at Kew-Forest School; Fred Trump, rich in real estate, was on the school’s board. Donald Trump was one of the students at school at the time. Armageddon Times, which arouses curiosity with the subject of James Gray’s signature and also including Donald Trump, is one of the productions in which uncertainty about the start date of the shootings continues. With two projects that we hope to receive clearer information in the near future, Cate Blanchett seems to have already completed the 2020 or even 2021 calendar.


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