The new models added to the iPhone 12 Pro Warrior series have embroidered the symbols of many cultures, especially ancient China, with luxury stones and are worth a fortune.

Caviar, the known name of luxury consumer phones worth wealth, is here with an iPhone model. Covering the iPhone 12 Pro model with gold before it was introduced, Caviar prepared a very expensive series again.

IPhone 12 Pro with Warrior theme
Caviar’s new work is gathered under the iPhone 12 Pro Warrior series. Caviar, who prepared the first Warrior series last year; It was inspired by the Viking, Knight, Samurai and ancient Roman times. This time, the luxury series, bearing traces of the ancient Chinese, Toltec, Indian, Indian and Zulu civilizations, goes up to $ 45,000.

The most expensive model in the series is the Mao Edition. Inspired by the Mao spear used during the old Han dynasty, the phone is 24-carat gold-plated and ruby ​​stones. Also included in the box is a necklace inspired by the ancient Ge knife. The iPhone 12 Pro Mao Edition starts at $ 36,950, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max Mao Edition goes up to $ 44,720.

In addition, the Apocalypto model, which is based on Toltec culture in Mexico, has a starting price of $ 34830, while the Rajan Warrior model, which reflects the Indian period, starts at $ 33180. It is possible to find many different Warrior models such as Zülfikar on the company’s website.


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