The problematic debut of Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most popular games of 2020, was on the agenda almost every day in the game world. Finally, CD Projekt Red made a long and detailed statement.

Cyberpunk 2077, published and developed by CD Projekt Red, was released about a month ago. Rumors about the game have popped up almost every day since the game’s release. After all these speeches, CD Projekt Red finally made a detailed explanation.

It was published on the message sites published by CD Projekt Red, as well as a video in which Marcin Iwinski, one of the company’s founders, made a statement and apologized. You can watch the video below. You can find the highlights of the events mentioned in the video below.

Marcin Iwinski and the management team take full responsibility. The developers are not guilty, the final decisions came from Marcin Iwinski and the board.
CD Projekt Red wanted the game to first look epic on PCs, but underestimated the task of adapting it to older generation consoles.
Pre-release tests did not reveal many of the problems with the game’s launch.
The reason the console review codes went late was that they were still working to fix older generation console versions by the day the game came out.
Fixing issues is the top priority of CDPR since launch. Until now, only 3 patches have been released for the “start”.
In the upcoming period, the main focus is on fixing errors and crashes with both small and large patches. A new patch will come in the next 10 days. A bigger patch will arrive in a few weeks from that update.
The DLC plan, which is expected to be available for free at the beginning of 2021, is still in progress. But the priority is performance issues. After they are taken care of, DLC will be passed.
The next generation version, which will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series owners, will be released in the second half of 2021. Those with the old generation version will be able to upgrade for free.
Employees are working hard to fix the game without “forced overtime”.
CDPR is working with Sony to bring the game back to the store.

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