Just a day after WhatsApp announced its instant payment system, the Central Bank said it was monitoring the initiative. In a note to the Digital Convergence website, the institution said it saw great potential for integration with the PIX, but made it clear that it could take action if it perceives WhatsApp threats to its new system.

This feature will allow messenger users to transfer money between bank accounts and make payments directly on the application’s conversation screen – which are offered by Facebook Pay and processed by Cielo.

In a note, the Central Bank raised concerns about the possibility that the new resource would generate risks to the interoperability, speed, security and transparency of the PIX. “The BC is following the WhatsApp initiative and evaluates that there is great potential for its integration with PIX. However, the BC considers premature any initiative that may generate market fragmentation and concentration on specific agents ”, wrote the institution.

WhatsApp’s payment system accepts Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards issued by Nubank, Banco do Brasil and Sicredi. According to the company itself, the program model “is open and facilitates the entry of more participants in the future”. So, the expectation is that more banks will join the partnership.

From this system, the company intends to “use the same payment data across the family of Facebook applications”. The resource will be released gradually to users and will soon cover the whole of Brazil.


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