Chainlink (LINK), which is in the 13th largest cryptocurrency position in terms of market value, has gained more than 11% since the morning and has risen to the most appreciated asset among the 20 largest cryptocurrencies.

June was very active in terms of Chainlink. On 12 June, LINK fell 10% with a sudden collapse and declined to its lowest level of $ 3.90 per month. Chainlink, which rises up to $ 4.90 level with a weekly 20% increase in value, is the highest level of all times of $ 4.95.

So what is the reason for this interest in Chainlink?

Although Chainlink is not yet listed in the ranking of DeFiMarketCap, we can say that LINK is considered to be the DeFi token.

DeFi market is still working hard to get rid of the collapse due to Covid-19 effect. According to the data provided by DeFiMarketCap, the total market value for DeFi tokens was $ 1 billion in April. Over the past two months, this value has exceeded $ 6 billion. (If Chainlink were among the DeFi tokens, the estimated market value would rise to $ 1.6 billion.)

During this period since April, Chainlink has joined forces with many platforms to gain value. Among these platforms are companies such as Kyber Network, VPN service Orchid. With these agreements, an interest in Chainlink occurred in the crypto community. With this interest, crypto lovers were able to carry Chainlink to the highest level of all time again.


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