Charles Hoskinson, who was among the founding partners of Ethereum but later stopped focusing here to develop the Cardano (ADA) project, criticized ETH and indirectly Vitalik Buterin via Twitter.

In the beginning of the tweet series he published, Hoskinson stated that the media will introduce himself as the founder of Cardano, not the founding partner of Ethereum, and this will be a “very good day”. This shows how much Hoskinson wants to isolate himself from the Ethereum project.

Stating that Cardano is the project he is most proud of throughout his life, Hoskinson underlined that this is “much more meaningful and superior” than Ethereum in many ways.

Is Hoskinson Behind Ethereum?
It is known that Hoskinson’s both Ethereum project and its co-founder Vitalik Buterin and his star are not reconciled and this is not expected to end soon. Despite this, ETH continues to evolve and increase in price. As of the writing of this article, ETH is taking firm steps towards 200 dollars. The main network of Shelley, which is stated to be reaching the end of 2019, is still not seen on the horizon.


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