Cardano’s creator was asked during the last AMA session whether cryptocurrencies could be banned by the US government.



Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, in his most recent AMA session, broadcast live from sunny Colorado, addressed various issues, including the US’s potential ban on Bitcoin and then Cardano.

The 33-year-old mathematician resolutely denied such a possibility:

That ship has taken off. Bitcoin is not banned.

Legendary hedge fund manager Ray Dalio recently stated that Bitcoin is very likely to be declared illegal by the US government.

Dalio cited India as an example of a country planning to ban crypto.


Novogratz is not yet a Cardano fan

Hoskinson also announced that he has not yet had a speech with Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz during the two-hour AMA session.

We haven’t made a phone call yet, but we will. I’m happy to talk to him and talk about ADA (or anything he’s interested in).

The IOHK boss also urged the community not to hope for Novogratz to jump on the ADA train:

Maybe we can convince him that Cardano is a real project. I think he’s probably drinking from Ethereum Kool-Aid and he thinks we’re a hype and I’m a pathological liar.

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