Microsoft may have a “cheap” version of the Xbox Series X as a card up its sleeve to beat the price of the PS5. According to analysts, the owner of Windows would be waiting for Sony to confirm the value of its console to reveal its secret weapon in the next generation console war.

The information came from a conversation between Michael Pachter, who works at Wedbush Securities, and former Microsoft employee Peter Moore, who exchanged ideas during a podcast by Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards. According to the analyst, Microsoft would be saving a new generation console priced below the $ 500 expected for the Xbox Series X and PS5.

According to Pachter, the two companies are spending on high-value components on their consoles, which will bring technologies such as Ray Tracing and support for up to 120 frames per second, and whoever presents the best price will come out ahead. “I think they [Microsoft] are waiting for Sony to take the first step and then reveal its value.”

According to Moore, the current period of crisis would be making the two companies consider the possibility of operating with the games division in the negative for up to one year, aiming to guarantee a more attractive value for the public. While the possibility may be more complicated for Sony, experts believe that Microsoft would be prepared for this scenario. The company maintained its gains during the pandemic thanks to the growth of its corporate services.

Xbox Series S?
So far, Microsoft has not officially commented on the possibility of launching a cheaper edition of the Xbox Series X. On the other hand, a series of rumors and even comments from company executives have already suggested that we may see more than one console. next generation being launched by the company.

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After the presentation of the Xbox Series X at the Game Awards last year, the company confirmed that the new line of consoles is just called “Xbox”, to make room for “additional consoles in the future”. With this, the company can follow a path similar to what we have in the current generation and present a supposed “Xbox Series S” in the future.

According to rumors, the owner of Windows is already developing the console codenamed Lockhart. The affordable edition of the new Xbox can reach up to $ 300 and bring features present in the Series X model, but with lower specifications.


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