The new cryptocurrency, which has begun to gain popularity, has rapidly begun to reach high capacities. High increases are reported in end-user focused SSD sales.

The new crypto currency, which is gaining popularity in China, is advancing rapidly. The reached capacity started to frighten.

Capacity increase worries

According to the report, Chia Coin has already reached 1143 petabytes. The fact that this figure was only 120 PB at the beginning of last month corresponds to an eerie 5.7-fold increase.

Mostly HDDs and data center-focused SSDs are used in Chia Coin farms where a large number of read and write operations are performed on the drives.

On the other hand, ADATA’s observation of a 500% increase in SSD sales last month coincides with the rise of Chia coin.

According to the report of TrendFocus, HDD-SSD stock shortages have already begun to appear in Asian markets. Moreover, according to estimates, the table is expected to spread to other markets. We hope HDD / SSD prices will not follow a similar path to graphics cards.

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