Chia Coin excavations on storage memory exploded demand for related products. ADATA alone had to raise 500 percent more inventory last month.

Until now, it was thought that crypto money mining was done through the graphics and processor unit, but Chia Coin changed things. The Chia Coin, which gives awards according to the pool allocated in the storage area, is about to turn the market upside down.

Chia Coin storm

Unlike traditional tokens, the Chia Coin project works depending on the storage space. In this method called Proof of Space, you earn Chia depending on the pool you allocate in the storage memory. 1422 pools can be created on an SSD with a 4TB capacity and 2,560 TBW lifespan, and a reward of 35 cents is given per pool. As time passes, the size of these pools also increases.

Scraping operations done on HDD before have shifted to SSD drives due to its performance. The Chia unit, which causes a great demand for SSD drives, will put end users in a difficult situation.

ADATA states that the demand for SSD products increased by 500 percent last month. In the first place, the demand that started to occur in Asian countries is spreading towards Europe and the USA as the interest in Chia money increases. ADATA has stored a controller chip for 3 months to meet the demand.

The Chia unit will soon be listed on the exchanges and the price it will reach may further increase the demand. As the writing process exhausts the disk, it can take the life of SSDs up to 4-6 months. In other words, miners will have to change SSDs every 6 months according to the earnings. The meaning of this is obvious.

The news is not good for the industry, which is already in a chip crisis. It would not be wrong to say that other SSD manufacturers will face similar situations in the near future. On the other hand, the business also has an average price dimension.

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