The actor Tom Hanks, who is known for the allegations of child trafficking in Wayfair, which emerged in the past days and made a voice all over the world, was also confused. Wayfair dismissed the claims with his statement.

The sale of Wayfair’s ordinary products such as Wardrobes and pillows at high prices with the names of children who had disappeared before brought up the claim that they “trade children” all over the world.

This claim, made by a Reddit user on July 9, is still being spoken and investigated by many. As a result of these studies, it is claimed that some well-known names that we all know well are involved in this business. An Instagram photo shared by Tom Hanks in 2016, especially with his films such as Green Road and Forrest Gump, made us think that the famous actor has something to do with the Wayfair scandal.


According to this theory, it is thought that photos of young girls can be reached by writing the SKU code, which is the name given to the stock holding unit of the listed products, to the Russian search engine Yandex. An image shared by Tom Hanks years ago contained the expression “SRC USA” written in chalk. Some Twitter users have said that in countries like Mexico, “SRC USA” was written before the SKU and then when the code was written, similar images came.

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Of course, we do not know if these events have anything to do with Tom Hanks, but many conspiracy theorists think that the Wayfair incident has something to do with the image that Hanks shared years ago. The photo shared by Hanks in July 2016 contained a fallen glove. “High five!” Next to the photo shared with the title, “SRC USA” was written in chalk.


This claim is largely based on the idea that $ 10,000 is too expensive for a cabinet, and another explanation (child trafficking) must be in order to justify its cost.

However, in a statement to Newsweek, Wayfair stated that these are industrial grade cabinets and are priced correctly. Wayfair said they temporarily removed these items because they did not accurately explain the reason for the high prices.

Wayfair’s statement to Newsweek is as follows:

“Of course, these claims have no reality. The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are priced correctly. Accepting that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier do not adequately explain the high price point, we temporarily removed the products from the site to provide a more detailed description and photos that accurately depict the product to rename the products and clarify the price. ”


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