Zhuzhong News: China continues to grow and develop in every field. China has now sent photos from Mars with its Zhuzhong vehicle. Here are those photos.


China, which America is constantly trying to prevent but never succeeds, continues to grow and develop at full speed. China, which has rooted out US companies in the technology sector, has now reached the level to challenge NASA. China’s Zhuzhong vehicle sent to Mars has managed to deliver photos of Mars to the world today.

Photos of Mars taken with Zhuzhong released

The Chinese space agency CNSA has shared the first scientific images from the Red Planet Mars, taken from the Mars rover Zhuzhong. Zhuzhong also took a selfie in accordance with popular culture. Among the published photos is an impressive panorama of the landing site, taken with a camera mounted on the rover mast.

In this way, we can see Mars from a wider angle. According to the information shared, the picture was taken using a separate mobile camera placed 10 meters from the vehicle. He got off the rover, set up the camera, and went back to the platform to take a picture of the Red Planet.

The Chinese interplanetary station Tianwen-1 was launched on July 23, 2020, using a heavy launch vehicle “Changzheng-5”. On May 15, 2021, at 1 a.m. Beijing time, the Tianwen-1 probe entered Mars orbit, and at 07:18 the Zhurong rover and landing module successfully landed on the surface of the Red Planet in the Plain of Utopia.

We can say that China’s partnership with NASA and Russia in its space adventure is the biggest sign that it can soon overtake the USA as a great power. Continuing its breakthroughs in technology despite all the obstacles, China, let’s see what will continue to surprise us in the future?


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