China’s National Institute of Agricultural Machinery Innovation and Creation (CHIAIC) announced the first electric tractor with hydrogen fuel cells. The ET504-H model is autonomous, but can be controlled remotely thanks to 5G communication technology.

The machine was developed by CHIAIC in conjunction with the Tianjin Advanced Equipment Research Institute, linked to Tsinghua University.

Tractor operation

With a futuristic appearance, the tractor has hydrogen fuel cells that are activated when the vehicle is in motion or when subjected to light efforts. To withstand heavier work, the system has been equipped with lithium batteries that automatically go into operation to provide additional power.

The ET504-H, with 4×4 traction, has a central synchronous medium motor that drives the two rear wheels, while each front wheel has its own independent electric motor.

Due to 5G technology, it is possible to remotely monitor not only the operation of the tractor in real time, but also the working environment around it, to verify that the vehicle has not done any damage to the plantations.

During the launch, Professor Zhao Chunjiang, responsible for the development team, stated that the vehicle represents a “new generation of ecological and intelligent agricultural machinery equipment to help promote the development of intelligent agriculture”.


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