China has accomplished a job in space that has not been done for 44 years. Collecting stone and soil samples from the Moon, Chang’e 5 returned to Earth today and made a flawless landing.

The National Space Agency of China has finally reached the happy ending in its historic Chang’e 5 mission. Chinese scientists, who released an official statement today, announced that the Chang’e 5 capsule made a flawless landing on Earth, with samples collected from the Moon.

Chang’e 5 mission started on November 24th. The spacecraft settled in the Moon’s orbit just four days later and landed on the surface on December 1. Afterwards, he collected sample materials from the Moon in a short time and then took to orbit again. Lastly, Chang’e 5 left the Moon’s orbit and set out to return to Earth on December 15th.

Chinese researchers state that Chang’e 5 collected approximately two kilograms of stone and soil samples from the Moon. The spacecraft collected these samples two meters below the surface. It is stated that this way, relatively fresh samples are obtained.

It is stated that the samples collected by Chang’e 5 come from a part of the Moon that has never been studied before and can therefore provide very important data to the scientific world.

Making some statements on the subject, planetary scientist Bradley Jolliff from Washington University said, “All the volcanic stones collected in the Apollo missions were older than 3 billion years. Young impact craters were analyzed in the analysis that we found that they are less than 1 billion years old. Chang’e 5 is from the Mons R├╝mker area. The specimens he collected are thought to have been formed 1.2 billion years ago, so they will help us fill a critical gap here. These examples will be a treasure! ” He spoke in the form.

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China has achieved very important successes on the Moon, especially in the last 10 years. For example, in the Chang’e 3 mission, a successful landing on the lunar surface was achieved in 2013, and thus a spacecraft landed on the Moon for the first time after 1976. Later in 2019, China succeeded in making history as the first country to land on the far side of the Moon with the Chang’e 4 mission.

We can say that China’s actual plans on the Moon are just beginning. The biggest goal of the Far East country in space right now is to land a taikonot on the moon’s south pole like the 2030s. In line with this goal, China plans to organize two different unmanned missions to the south pole of the Moon for the next 5 years.


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