In retaliation for US trade sanctions, China is about to add US companies – including: Apple; Qualcomm and Cisco – in the “list of untrusted entities” for the government, points out the newspaper Global Times.

The document includes the launch of investigations and restrictions on US companies – similar to what already happens with Huawei in the West. As a direct channel with the Communist Party of China, the Global Times indicates that the measures would affect Apple; Cisco; Qualcomm and suspends negotiations with Boeing.

Despite the proximity, Global Times is not an official spokesman for the Chinese party or government; but the vehicle’s reports are believed to reflect the views of the heads of state.

This new policy comes in response to the recent announcement by the United States Department of Commerce. The agency changed an export rule with the intention of “strategically targeting Huawei’s semiconductor acquisition”.

It is worth remembering, however, that Huawei has suffered from US blockades for years. In fact, it’s a fight that has been going on since 2012, when the US Congress published a report that accused the Chinese manufacturer of being a threat to the country’s security.

These blockages, in turn, not only impacted the Chinese economy, but also significantly affected the manufacture of American electronics – considering that much of the manufacturing was done in Chinese territory. The policies, then, generated a lot of movement in the industry – as in Google, Qualcomm and Intel – to relocate their factories and look for other suppliers.


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