China says 5G is okay with 6G technology. China is preparing to announce for 6G very soon.

Liu Lihong, the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology and Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that China has built the world’s largest 5G network and plans for the 6G network are now under way. Before we can see 5G, China has already rolled up its sleeves for 6G

China plans 6G launch after building world’s largest 5G network
Currently, a total of 718,000 5G base stations have been built in China. Yu Xiaohui, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology, said large-scale construction of 5G networks will take place in the next four years. From 2025 to 2028, there will be a period of improvement for specialized technologies. At least the Chinese are in this direction.

In addition, China plans to roll out 6G networks by 2029. As of the end of November, the 519 device model supporting fifth generation networks has been released. The Information and Communication Technology Academy predicts that more than 3,200 5G device models will be on the market by 2025, resulting in tens of millions of new network subscribers.

Chinese 6G

Last November, it was announced that the National 6G Research and Development Incentive Working Group and Joint Expert Group were created to promote 6G research and development. Experts predict that 6G will outperform 5G by 10-100 times in performance, and the highest transmission speed of 6G will reach 1 Tbps from 100 Gbps.

Google and Apple join 6G group

The development of 5G is advancing rapidly and most countries and regions already have 5G plans. Some top manufacturers already have a team that looks at what the next generation network has to offer. This time, the US will compete with China to the finish line. It is known that China has already sent a satellite into space to test 6G signals. This 6G network will be 100 to 500 times faster than 5G. America also plans to send a satellite to space in the coming years.


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