The Apple M1 chip, which came with soldered RAM and SSD modules, was broken by Chinese engineers, the Macbook’s storage and memory were upgraded.

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 series at the 2020 autumn conference and simultaneously announced that it will also launch the Mac computer equipped with its own developed chip in the future. Just on 11.11.2020, the company released the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini equipped with the new M1 chip.

Many users are already using the new M1 model, and as we can see in our review, the M1 is groundbreaking. Apple combined the M1 with the processor, graphics card and memory in a single chip. This created a new Mac with low power consumption and up to 20 hours of battery life. On the other hand, it introduced a situation where you can only upgrade the memory or storage of the computer when purchasing. If you want to upgrade the SSD later, you have to buy a new Macbook. On Apple’s official website, you can see that you need 2200 TL to upgrade the memory, and the same is true for solid state drives.

This is the base model of the MacBook Air with M1 chip, 8GB RAM and 256GB solid state drive configuration. You can also use an external solid state drive if you want to upgrade the storage space. However, if you want to upgrade the memory, you only have the option to change the computer. On the other hand, Yang Changshun, a maintenance training engineer from Guangzhou, China, eliminated this situation.

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In the past, upgrading of memory and storage could only be done through Apple’s official website and required at least 2200 TL. Although consumers complained, there was no other way to upgrade. But finally the M1 chip was successfully broken. Memory and SSD upgrades are now possible through unofficial channels, and the result is the work of Yang Changshun maintenance training engineer in Guangzhou, China.

The red box pictured here is Apple’s desktop M1 chip. There are two memory chips on the right. You can see that they are fully integrated. If you want to upgrade yourself, the probability of success is almost zero.

But now the M1 chip has been broken, which means you can now upgrade the memory without taking Apple’s path. Consider the official upgrade of 8 GB memory to 16 GB, you have to take 2200 TL out of your pocket. You can now upgrade the same memory configuration for less money.

Apple has always been at the forefront of technology and its products lead the trend. Previously, many Windows computers reserved memory slots for users to upgrade themselves, but Apple’s MacBook computers have been removing this route for over a decade. While MacBook computers are getting more and more powerful, their bodies are getting thinner and lighter. At the same time, the internal components are highly integrated step by step. It was almost impossible to change memory or storage on your own, especially with the launch of the M1, but now the situation is different.

M1 SSD Upgrade
In addition to the memory, the SSD capacity on the M1 chip MacBook can also be increased from 256GB to 1TB. Again, this is an operation performed on a small chip.

When we look at the part of the MacBook computer about this machine, we see that the storage area of ​​the device, which was 256 GB before, has now increased 4 times.

After the release of the M1 chip MacBook computer, a lot of opinion has been raised: In the future, it will be impossible to upgrade memory and storage on your own. It all comes together, the difficulty of upgrading increases, and the success rate is drastically reduced. But now that the M1 chip is solved, everyone’s enthusiasm seems to be reignited.

Putting it all aside, it’s a big step that Yang Changshun, who is just a maintenance training engineer, successfully upgraded memory and storage space by breaking such a highly integrated M1 chip. At least the inability to change memory and storage on M1 devices has broken anymore. We will wait and see how this situation will develop in the future.


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