The exercise app Centr, created by actor Chris Hemsworth, has angered a number of users recently. The home exercise platform has a free use period, but sent undue charges of $ 99, or even more, to several people who decided to test the solution.

According to The Verge, several users of the app founded by the star complained on Centr’s social networks about undue charges. Reports say that even certain people who canceled their subscription during the trial period were given an account to pay by credit card.

Centr has a seven-day free trial, however, before the initial user enters the trial period, it is necessary to choose a paid plan. Automatic charging is activated and the amount is debited shortly after the Free Trial expires.

Complicated cancellation
According to The Verge, the main problem with the app is its confusing cancellation policy. To stop using the service, the user must perform the operation on the same device on which he started the free trial. Thus, if the person used a computer to subscribe, it will only be possible to close the account using a PC, even if the app is available for Android and iOS.

After the series of negative comments, Centr started sending refunds this week to customers who complained of undue amounts on their invoice. According to a user who forgot to disable automatic billing, the company also allows you to negotiate the subscription fee in this type of case, just contact the app support.

The Centr app is an exercise platform founded by actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe. Launched in February last year, the solution has physical activity routines, meditation and menus for the user to maintain a healthy diet.


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