Many directors, especially Christopher Nolan, reacted after the surprise decision made by Warner Bros last month, but Nolan is more determined in this reaction.

Christopher Nolan, one of the most valuable directors of recent years, seems to be overly reactive to Warner Bros’ surprise HBO Max decision. As you know, almost all films with huge box office expectations were postponed due to the epidemic. This caused great damage to the studios. The first action on this issue came from Warner Bros and they announced that they will release the films to be released in 2021 on HBO Max on the same day as the release date.

Many people, especially the directors, reacted to this situation. Some cinemas have considered releasing Warner Bros movies cheaper and providing Warner Bros with little revenue. Some agencies have announced that they will not work with Warner Bros again. Famous director Christopher Nolan even reacted strongly to Warner Bros’ decision and called HBO Max “the worst video streaming platform”.

But the current reaction from Nolan is an even bigger one. According to The Wall Street Journal, the partnership between Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros is now over. Due to Warner Bros’ latest decision, Nolan does not want to work with Warner Bros again.

We don’t know what will Warner Bros’s reaction after this decision or how it will affect Nolan’s future projects, but things are getting hot.


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