The latest version of Google Chrome allows you to quickly check weak or compromised passwords, replacing insufficient passwords in one place.

Google said Chrome 88 is now globally available with a new, more secure password protection feature. According to Google, the new feature will allow users to check, define and correct passwords from one place. This update basically gives users more control over their saved passwords.

Easy password management in Chrome
According to Google’s blog post, the new feature in Chrome 88 is based on features that were first launched in 2020. The new update allows users to quickly check, define and fix weak passwords directly from Chrome settings. This means users can fix multiple weak passwords in one place.

To check passwords in Chrome 88, users need to click on their profile picture in the top right of the browser and then the “key” icon. Alternatively, users can type chrome: // settings / passwords in the address bar. On the page that opens, when users click Check Password, Google Chrome will search for weak passwords and list them if there are weak passwords. Later, these weak passwords can be changed from the same place.

In a Google blog post: “Password breaches remain a critical issue online. We are proud to share that Chrome’s Security Check is used 14 million times each week! As a result of Security Checkup and other improvements launched in 2020, Chrome is on we saw a 37% reduction in stored compromised credentials. ” statements were included.

The update is now available to users.


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