Google rolled out Chrome 89 just weeks after the previous version was released. With the new version, the reading list, tab search and a few more features have arrived.

Although it has only been a few weeks since Chrome 88 was made available to users on January 19, Google released the new version of the browser, Chrome 89. The new version does not contain major updates or additions but includes a few new features to enhance the user experience.

What does Chrome 89 offer?
Chrome 89 gets a simple reading list option available by tapping the star icon in the address bar. In addition to “Bookmark”, there will be a new “Add to reading list” option. Pages added here will appear under the ‘Reading list’ folder in the bookmarks bar. The folder will consist of two sections as unread pages and the pages you have read, from which page controls can be made.

Tab Search, which was first released with Chrome OS in December, will now be accessible to all users. This feature will allow you to compile a list of pages in all windows, up to five at a time. You will also be able to close tabs from this view.

For Android users, Chrome 89 will enable WebNFC by default. In this way, it will be able to read the NFC tags of websites.

The update also brings default support for WebHID, an API that helps some controllers such as keyboards and controllers work smoother with Chrome.


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