With the release of Google Chrome 90, the focus will be on the HTTPS protocol.
The latest update for Google Chrome will make the popular web browser faster and more secure than before.

Chrome 90 will use the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP to browse between web pages faster.

While HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTPS becomes Secure by adding S to the end. Thus, as all communication and information of the user is protected, it helps users to surf the internet safely. Let us underline that Chrome has long been calling for HTTPS to be adopted.

With a post on the Chromium Blog, Google has made it clear that all address bar entries that do not contain any protocol will automatically receive the https: // protocol. The post also states that when a user visits a particular website for the first time, Chrome will automatically select the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. In addition to being more secure and private, HTTPS will provide a faster connection to the website as the browser will not need to go from HTTP to HTTPS.

Chrome will revert to HTTP if a website doesn’t support the HTTPS protocol. Also, Chrome will stick to HTTP for IP addresses, single-label domains, and reserved hostnames. It is also information that the changes will be applied to Chrome 90 for Chrome Desktop and Chrome for Android. This change will be made later in the Chrome version for iOS.


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