Chrome applications will soon start working as a separate application in Windows. Adding Gmail to the desktop is no longer a dream.



Google has been working on progressive web applications for a while. During this process, progressive web applications (PWA) were used for everything from Google Chat’s desktop application to running Stadia on Apple devices. Now, Chrome apps winked at the Windows platform. These PWAs will now run as a separate application in Chrome for Windows.

Chrome users on Windows 10 will soon have the option to uninstall Chrome’s apps from Control Panel and Settings, just as PWAs do with native apps. This feature is currently being tested in the latest beta version of Chrome. It will probably be possible for everyone to use applications on Windows in 2021.

This innovation has actually been worked on for a while. It was first revealed in June 2019 that Google was testing the ability to allow PWAs to be removed from the Uninstall or change a program section of the Control Panel in Windows. However, this feature was removed in a questionnaire beta version. It looks like a concrete move will come from Google this time around.

Applications such as Gmail, Photos, Meet and Maps under the umbrella of Google will run as applications in Windows thanks to the infrastructure of Chrome. This will make things a lot easier for the users. Especially the lack of Gmail’s application will be eliminated thanks to PWAs and you will be able to access the mail application from the desktop.

It is obvious that we will see more innovations from Google in 2021. Google, which supports Macs with the latest Apple M1 processor, will be launching its revolutionary feature next year?

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