Google is working on a feature that will clear bookmarks that are filled with pages we want to browse later. The ‘Read Later’ feature that appears in Chrome Canary will allow the pages we want to visit to be saved easily.

While browsing the web during the day, we come across a lot of content that we want to browse later. While sometimes saving this content to bookmarks, we open it on the side tab to read later and often close the browser without even visiting the page. In addition, opening every content that we ‘think’ to read on the side tab increases the RAM consumption significantly.

Google, the developer of Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, will have noticed this problem of internet users, with the release of Chrome Canary 86.0.4213.0, it unveiled the ‘Read Later’ feature that is likely to come to Chrome. Even if the feature is still under development, it can make a great contribution to the user experience.

As we mentioned above, the only way to save the content we want to read later (!) Is to save to bookmarks. Google, with its Read Later option, makes it possible to save the content you want to browse later. With this feature, you can also delete the pages you have saved after reading them, so that the Read Later page always remains clean.

Since Chrome’s new Read Later feature has just come out with a minor leak, it’s hard to tell what kind of user experience the final version of the feature will offer or whether the feature will actually be released to Chrome.


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