Based on information shared today, Google Chrome launches tab grouping

Being the most popular internet browser in the world, Google Chrome has come up with a new feature. According to the information shared today, Google Chrome launches the tab grouping feature. With this feature, Google will allow you to group tabs you actively use and create tags for these groups, and aims to prevent you from getting lost between tabs.

Many Chrome users actively use dozens of tabs at the same time. This often causes you to not find the tab you want. Aiming to prevent this situation with its tab grouping feature, Chrome will allow you to quickly access the tab you want to go with grouping and labels.

According to information shared by Google, the feature is currently available for Chrome Beta. Let’s add that the tab grouping feature can be used quite easily. You can create a group by right-clicking on the tab you want or add it to a group you have previously created.

When creating tab groups, let’s also mention that you have chosen a name tag and color for these groups. Thanks to the name and colors, it becomes much easier to reach the tabs or groups you want. Finally, let’s add that the tab grouping feature in question has been tested by Google for several months and will be available to all Chrome users in the coming weeks.


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