Google is working on a new dark mode for Chrome on Android, specifically on the search engine results page. The 9to5Google team captured a recent update in the Chromium source code repository, which suggests the long-awaited feature. In this sense, it is possible to view the following description:

“Display the dark SRP for Android Chrome

If enabled, users will see a dark search results page if Chrome is also in night mode.

# enable-android-dark-srp ”

That way, when the flag above is enabled, Chrome will automatically have its dark mode also extended to that section of Google. It is worth noting that the version of the app for the OS already has the background application since last year, including on the search engine home. However, it does not appear in the search results, which makes the experience quite uncomfortable in some situations.

Despite its great utility, the update appears to be at a very early stage and therefore should reach Chrome Canary users first. Thus, after the complete testing period, it would be distributed globally.


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