A new functionality is being implemented, little by little, to Google Chrome for Android. When selecting words, it is possible to check short descriptions related to them, whatever they mean, as in a dictionary, or even icons and images. Names, foods, chemicals and other categories are part of the resource. In addition, a pronunciation guide is included.

For now, only definitions in the English language are presented – and not all users have received the news. According to Android Police, selecting multiple terms, including, brings satisfactory results.

The “dictionary” complements the existing “tap and search” function of the browser, in which, when pulling the tab, the user is taken to the Google search page. This time, the difference is that everything seems preloaded, and the results are displayed in a popup at the bottom of the screen instead of requiring the opening of a new tab – still allowing the standard search in a simple way.

To check if the add-on has already reached you, it is recommended to update the application. If the action does not work, it is possible to force the activation of the tool by “chrome: // flags” in the option “Contextual Search definitions”.


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