With brand new developments, Google Chrome continues to offer a fast experience to millions of users. Known as the most used web browser of today, Chrome has made a name for itself with the updates it received on the mobile platform. The successful web browser, which received a new update recently, introduced a new feature, ‘tab grouping, to its users. This feature looks quite functional. Chrome Android turned heads with the new update.



Recently, the Android version of Chrome received a brand new update. As it is known, Google made speed-oriented improvements in the new update of Chrome as in every update. The web browser, which frequently gets new features, has almost turned its users’ heads with its new feature.


What is Chrome Android Tab Grouping?

Let us explain this with a simple example: You entered our technology site named TeknoBurada.net. Let’s say you open more than one news in a new tab. Thanks to the tab grouping, you will be able to see the tabs you have opened on TeknoBurada.net in the same group, and you will be able to switch quickly and easily within the news.

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Thanks to the tab grouping at the bottom of the screen, you will easily access the close button on the page you want to close. Each tab group will show how many tabs are linked to it, and when clicked on it will show open pages.


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