The web applications we have prepared in the Chrome browser will be easily removed from the control or settings menu of the Windows 10 operating system in the near future.

Browser-based web applications, also known as Progressive Web Apps, are getting more and more popular lately. While Google tries to standardize these applications, it also improves the user experience.

Chrome and Windows integration
The PWA system, where you can install a web application with its own window and menus when you visit a compatible website, aims to provide users with a faster browsing experience.

With the deeper integration of the Chrome and Windows 10 operating system, web applications can now be deleted like the built-in Windows application. Just remove it from the Windows 10 start menu or the Add-Remove menu, as we are used to. It is also automatically removed from the Chrome browser.

It is unknown when this feature, which is included in Chrome Canary and developer versions, will be widely available. Also, in order to transfer the applications to the system, the “–enable-features = EnableWebAppUninstallFromOsSettings” command must be run on the address line.

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