Chungha revealed the teaser for ‘Be Yourself’, her new song.

The preview of Kim Chungha’s new song ‘Be Yourself’ was released through the MNH Entertainment YouTube channel, where the singer invites her fans to love themselves with their strengths and weaknesses.

In the 16-second clip, Chungha is shown on colorful stages having fun painting, playing tennis and selling lemonade, the idol wears very summery looks, highlighting the shades of white, yellow and green.

Chungha’s ‘Be Yourself’ is the second song that the former IOI member presents for the project ‘New.wav’ by her agency MNH Entertainment, which seeks for her groups and idols to express their personality through music without having to release official records or singles.

Also, the idea of ‘New.wav’ is to have more opportunities for MNH Entertainment artists to get closer to their fans more frequently and to interact through their music. Kim Chungha’s ‘Be Yourself’ will be released on June 9 through the different digital platforms.

Check out Kim Chungha’s ‘Be Yourself’ teaser:


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