There is an interesting topic discussed in the crypto agenda today: Did Facebook Buy Bitcoin? Several major crypto community members are discussing the rumor that social media giant Facebook may be keeping Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

The rumor was brought to the fore by Morgan Creek Digital’s partner Jason A. Williams, British entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne, and Mira Christanto (Senior Research Analyst at Messari).

According to a crypto rumor circulated on Twitter by Alistair Milne, it is said that Facebook has Bitcoin in its balance sheet and the company will reveal this fact tomorrow after the quarterly report is announced at the closing (April 28).

If this happens, it will be taken by the community as a major bullish signal, possibly triggering another Bitcoin rally. If you remember, Elon Musk had an impact on the market when he announced that Tesla had purchased $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin earlier this year. However, today it turned out that Tesla sold ten percent of the BTC owned by it to prove the liquidity of Bitcoin. However, Musk confirmed that he does not sell any of his own Bitcoins.

It makes sense for Facebook to keep Bitcoin, because the company is working on a digital currency called Diem to break into the cryptocurrency space. Such a development would not be surprising, but it could have a significant impact on the market.

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