South Korean technology giant Samsung is allegedly working for a special processor. It is even said to have hired former Apple and AMD engineers for this.

Samsung, which has given up on its customized Mongoose design because it has underperformed stock ARM designs in the past years, may be hiring former AMD and Apple employees to create its own core designs, just like Apple.

According to information obtained from industry sources, Samsung offered engineers who used to work in processor development units of Apple and AMD to come together under the umbrella of Samsung and form their own teams.

Samsung may not be satisfied with the performance of the Cortex-X series

It has been known for some time that Samsung has been working with AMD to improve the GPU performance of Exynos chipsets. In fact, it is almost certain that AMD’s RDNA2 architecture will be used in the new generation Exynos chips. However, it seems that Samsung also wants to be the best in the CPU wing. Because the South Korean technology giant must not have found what ARM hoped for from customized Cortex-X designs, such claims are circulating around.


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