Chinese game giant Tencent may be considering buying Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K Games.

According to a user post on Reddit, Tencent is making plans that will greatly affect the gaming industry. The rumored issue at this stage is that Tencent may buy Take Two Interactive. Of course, the conversation is not limited to this.

The foundations of this rumor were laid in a financial website report. In this article, it was stated that Tencent has allocated billions of dollars to buy new game studios and its target is Korean or American game companies. The report said that Tencent could acquire large companies such as Take Two Interactive, Zynga or Electronic Arts.

After this incident, the discussions that started with the tweet shared by Jez Corden, one of the famous technology editors, expressed difficult possibilities. He claimed that Tencent was trying to buy Take – Two Interactive, and later that he could merge the company with Sony. This suggests that Take Two games may be exclusive to Sony PlayStation. But the realization of the said claim; It did not come to mind because of the thought that it would be near impossible for the USA to allow such a large sale against China. However, Jez Corden said, “We are in the age of market consolidation, we expect to see many studios and broadcasters sales in the next few years,” he said positively to the possibility of this claim.

Then, the user who shared a post on Reddit mentioned that this sale might be possible and similar sales have also happened in the past. So Tencent’s; It was stated that if he wanted, he could buy Take Two Interactive directly or merge with a different company without the approval of the management. This action is called Hostile Takeover in the economy. In a nutshell, hostile takeover: various means of obtaining the acquisition of a targeted company against the board of directors.

While the market value of Take Two Interactive is $ 23,662 billion, let’s not forget that Tencent’s market value is $ 843,824 billion.

There is no certainty as to whether these rumors, which spread quite mixedly, will come true. In particular, if GTA 6, which we think was developed, is affected by these events, time will tell us what kind of result we will wait.


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