Galaxy Watch 4 Classic News: Samsung rolled up its sleeves to blend the classic watch and smart watch design with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Here are the first images of the new model.


Earlier this week, South Korean Samsung introduced its new One UI Watch interface, which comes with what it calls a seamless experience, performance improvements and more features. Now, images of the new Galaxy smartwatch called Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which will come with this new One UI interface, have leaked. Samsung, which will blend the classic watch with the smart watch, seems to appeal to those who want a watch in this area.

How will the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic be?

Years later, Samsung is bringing back the “Classic” title for its smartwatches. It looks like the physical rotary dial for this generation will also be included in this model. Along with the rotating dial, the right side will feature two buttons that should be useful in navigating the operating system.

This time it will come in three sizes, 42mm, 44mm and 46mm, and will come in three colors. These colors will be white, gray and black, and silver and black. The watch appears to be compatible with traditional 20mm watch bands and will feature Samsung in the box with both S/M and M/L strap options.

The screen is said to be protected by Gorilla Glass DX or DX+ depending on whether it’s a stainless steel or aluminum model, respectively. Other features include 5ATM certification and MIL-STD-810G standard.

Samsung, which will introduce its foldable phones in August, will probably showcase its new watches at this event. It is not yet known what kind of policy Samsung will follow regarding the price. Finally, we can say that this watch looks very stylish.


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