Microsoft will discontinue its Twitch competitor Mixer on July 22. Streamers will be ported to the similar service Facebook Gaming and Mixer sites and apps will refer to that. Microsoft was unable to build a large audience with Mixer.

According to Microsoft, the success of a service like Mixer depends on how quickly it can scale up and the company is not satisfied with the results achieved. Microsoft invested in Mixer last year by hijacking the popular streamers Shroud and Ninja from Twitch. They received hefty financial compensation to continue their streams at Mixer. Microsoft hoped to attract the millions of audiences from those streamers to its service.

Microsoft is also announcing a partnership with Facebook Gaming with the closing of Mixer. Streamers can easily switch to that service and Mixer’s apps and website will automatically redirect to Facebook Gaming after the closing date. Streamers are not required to switch to Facebook’s alternative, but they get a similar status there as they had at Mixer. Facebook says that the agreements that the streamers had with Mixer are taken over as accurately as possible.

Microsoft will also continue to work with Facebook Gaming in the future. According to Facebook, that provides opportunities for streamers within the Xbox ecosystem, including capabilities with Xbox Game Pass and xCloud. The companies will announce details about this later.


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