Clubhouse, which appeared on the iOS platform months ago, exploded after it was launched on the Android platform. Millions loved it.



Clubhouse, one of today’s popular social media channels, continues its successful process. The application, which was launched on the iOS platform months ago and reached millions in a short time, exploded on the Android platform as well. The channel, which accepts the original users of other social media channels by invitation, also offers its users the experience of chatting with voice. The popular application, which carries its success on the iOS platform to the Android platform, continues to reach millions. Today, the success of the application on the Android platform has emerged once again.

The popular application, which accepts its users by invitation, continues its successful progress from where it left off. The application, which shows its success on the iOS platform on Google Play.

Clubhouse Has Over 2 Million Users on Android Platform

According to the information we have obtained from the reports of research companies, the popular social media application Android has more than 2 million active users. The popular application, which also hosts users from our country, continues to grow its audience day by day. The application, which is stated to be more successful on the iOS platform, will both receive updates and continue to offer innovations for users in the upcoming period. Anyone who wishes to the application, which will remove the invitation system for the user base this summer, will be able to become a member and start chatting.


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