Clubhouse, which has emerged in the past months and is now used on the iOS platform, has also come to the Android platform. Download now.


Unlike today’s social media, Clubhouse, which accepts users by invitation method, has finally been released. The application, which has been used for months on the iOS platform, has a completely free structure. The platform, which first came to the fore with various security problems, has millions of users in the world today. In the initial phase, the application that was launched on the iOS platform first came to the Android platform as a beta, and our news found its place. With the information received today, we have reached the information that the application is published globally.

While the importance of smartphones continues to increase today, the applications we use continue to come to the fore. Dozens of applications we use on our phones sometimes allow us to socialize and sometimes organize our daily activities. Especially, the importance of social media applications continues to increase day by day.

Clubhouse Released on Android Platform

The new generation social media platform, which was previously used as a beta, has finally switched to the full version. The application, which reached millions of users in a short time in our country and in the world, continues its successful course from where it left off. With the announcement made today, we learned that the Android version of the application has been published and is now available for download. First of all, let’s talk about some details of the application. The new generation social media application accepts users entirely by invitation. In addition, unlike other social media platforms, it provides the opportunity to socialize by speaking, not writing. The application, which has a completely free structure, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for the Android platform. Users can download the application to their devices by searching the store.


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