Clubhouse News: The 2021 model social media application Clubhouse came to the Android platform as a beta. Beta is used by limited users.


Clubhouse, which has emerged in the past months and is on the agenda of the world, continues to be the subject of our news with brand new developments. The new generation social media application, which continues its broadcasting life as a voice chat platform, continues to be used by millions of users today. The generic channel, which continues to accept its users by invitation method, was developed specifically for the mobile platform and appeared only on the iOS platform. The application, which has become the favorite of millions on the iOS platform, has been known for a long time with the Android platform. It was expected Clubhouse released as a beta for the Android platform.

The social media platform, which came to the fore with various speculations that it was not safe in the months when it was launched, continues to increase its audience day by day. The application, which has become popular in our country in a short time, seems to dethrone Instagram. The application, which continues to grow rapidly, has finally become official for the Android platform.

Clubhouse Released As Beta For Android Platform

After its release for iOS, the highly anticipated application by Android users seems to be released globally soon. The application, which offers a voice-based socialization experience to its users, will grow even more after the Android platform and reach much more serious numbers. The previously leaked application developed for the Android platform has become official with the beta version that emerged today. It continues to increase the mass of media, which has become a trend among voice chat applications.

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