After Xiaomi and Zhiya, TikTok roof company ByteDance also started developing a Clubhouse rival application. The potential is high as the Clubhouse is banned in China.

The Clubhouse concept, which allows only voice chat, suddenly exploded. While Facebook and Twitter quickly put the sound room concept to the tests, popular platform TikTok is preparing a similar application.

Will seek market in china
Keeping censorship-focused and fully controlled local alternatives in China, which bans countless social media platforms, is not too difficult. Many alternatives such as Weibo, WeChat have hundreds of millions of active users.

Clubhouse, the favorite communication platform of the last period, is also banned in the country. In this respect, great opportunities arise for local initiatives. After Xiaomi, TikTok also pressed the button for a new app in the style of a chat room.

According to the information received, the roof company ByteDance has come to an end. It is expected that the application will start closed tests in the near future. While speeches critical of the government are prevented due to censorship policies, it is estimated that chats will be constantly listened to because of aggressive expressions because the application of Zhiya has a very controlled system.


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