The testing process has begun for the Android beta version of the Clubhouse application.

Currently, efforts are underway to bring the Clubhouse voice chat room application, which is exclusive to iOS, to the Android platform. The developer team of the application said that the Android application is also under development, but later did not share more information on the subject. Finally, it has been confirmed that the Clubhouse Android beta version has been tested.

The Clubhouse team explains in a blog post how they’ve released a beta version for Android. This development could mean that Clubhouse may switch to Android this month or early June. Whether the application will show a rapid rise on Android as well as the iOS version is another matter of curiosity. As you know, Clubhouse is no longer the only application that offers voice chat rooms and it seems that the competitors will increase even more.

Of course, that will depend on how the Clubhouse team handles the app’s transition to the Android platform. Things may not go well on the Android side if some developers of the Clubhouse team do the application as with the port versions that are hardly working. On the other hand, if the team devotes as much time and resources as they work on the iOS version to improve the Android version, a bright future awaits the app thanks to Android’s large user base.



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